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Discover the exciting art of "Perfume Blending" and how to make blends for any purpose from a balancing blend for women to a sexy aftershave for men! You will discover the secrets to making your own essential oil perfume based on aromatherapy principles. Create your own signature scent for perfume, body care, personal care and more!

  • Module 1: Course Introduction
  • Module 2: Why Create Your Own Perfume?
  • Module 3: What You Need to Make Your Own Perfume
  • Module 4: Blending Basics
  • Module 5: Understanding Fragrance Notes
  • Module 6: Let's Blend! Create Your First Signature Scent
  • Module 7: Basic Perfume Recipes
  • Module 8: Advanced Blending: Plant Types
  • Module 9: Resources
  • Module 10: Advanced Tips
  • Module 11: Course Wrap Up

Step by Step
Video Lessons

Join Jen as she teaches you through easy to follow videos that you watch at your own pace and have access forever!

VIP Members Community

Ask any questions you have about blending, submit your blends for feedback and ask for any help allow the way. We are with you every step of the way so you create the perfect blend. 

8 Guidebooks Included!

You will receive downloadable guide books – yours to keep forever – about every topic you can imagine – checklists of perfume notes, plant types, blending hints and tips and so much more! 

The Art of Aromatherapy Blending for Perfume Online Course is Here!


Here's What You'll Learn

  • Aromatherapy blending techniques including fragrant notes, plant types, and blending basics to make any perfume you want!
  • How to blend essential oils in the correct ratio for an amazingly scented perfume.
  • The basics for blending, including base recipes you can make at home.
  • Discover the base recipes to use with your signature scent to make your own perfume, body lotions, body wash, scrubs etc. The list is endless.
  • Create your own signature perfume recipes.
  • Receive feedback in our VIP community where you receive exclusive access to Jen (a qualified aromatherapist) to ask any questions to help you create the perfect blend.
  • Receive all the video tutorials and guidebooks to explain how to create your own perfume anytime. You will also receive extra recipes to create many perfumes and inspire you to create your own! Use these as your own or make your own!

Here is What You Will Receive in the Course

  • Step by step modules which include video tutorials for each part of the perfume blending process.
  • The Art of Aromatherapy Blending for Perfume eBook
  • The Essential Oil Goddess Exclusive Perfume Recipes eBook
  • Plant Type for Top notes checklist
  • Plant Type for Middle notes checklist
  • Plant Type for Base notes checklist
  • Top notes - Essential oils and their uses eBook
  • Middle notes - Essential oils and their uses eBook
  • Base notes - Essential oils and their uses eBook
  • Access to our VIP community to ask questions, receive tips and share your blends for feedback.
  • Exclusive access to Jen, a qualified aromatherapist, via the VIP community to answer your questions about any aspect of perfume blending you need to know.
  • Access to the download the course app to your phone is included so you can watch the "Art of Aromatherapy Blending and Perfume Online Course" on the go!
  • Comprehensive Resource Guide to find the best equipment

Perfume lovers like yourself share their feedback

"I had so much fun at this workshop! It gave me the knowledge and confidence to explore making my own perfume blends that I didn't have previously. Underpinning this was the important education of why making your own using pure essential oils is so important. I'm hooked and looking forward to making more! "

Emmely Rackermann
Health Coach and Mumma

" I have never hesitated in undertaking any of Jen's courses so this time was no different. I did wonder how difficult it would be to create a perfume that I would love as I used to be a collector of the toxic kind and even though I gave up using them several years ago I had never found a way to recreate the perfume experience. Jen's Art of Aromatherapy course changed that. I now have a SPRAY perfume that I love to apply and feel like I'm using REAL perfume again - the non-toxic kind. And I'm not afraid to make more and experiment."

Vicki Doolan
Healthy Aging Coach

"I had such a fun time at the Art of Aromatherapy Blending and Perfume workshop. Thank you Jen for your knowledge and expertise. I always learn something new!! I am completely obsessed with my perfume and can't stop spraying it!! Good thing it's all natural and good for me hey."

Angelique Rauschenbach

"I made the "Happiness in a bottle" perfume recipe for Lexi (my daughter) at the perfume workshop. I have always used orange on her but she loves this and just quietly we love her a little more when she has it on."

Lisa Goldsworthy

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Frequently Asked Questions

As an online business, this course is open to everyone in all countries across the world. Your investment is US$97 with over $500 of video tutorials, resource guides and everything else included. Also includes any updated material for life!

Once you complete the payment, you lock in this price and the course is yours to keep forever. You can come back to it whenever you want. Just keep your email with your login details for future reference.

You will have access to an online course with videos, downloadable resource guides and printed material. Everything is in one central location for you to access at any time. There is a phone app too if you prefer to learn on the go.

The course is yours to keep forever! It will include all future updates and any new course guides too!

Within the course, there is an online, private community (and you don’t need Facebook!) to ask all your formulation questions. I will be there every step of the way to make sure you create the exquisite scent you want.


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