My Top Five Aromatherapy Perfume Recipes for Self Love and Healing

I love creating my own aromatherapy perfume recipes. It means I know exactly what goes into my perfume and I can tailor it to have the benefits I need right now.

Feel better when you wear a perfume you created! 

For each of the following recipes, you need an aromatherapy perfume recipe base. You will need:

  1. 10 mL roller ball glass bottle. (These glass roller ball bottles are perfect)
  2. Organic liquid coconut oil or sweet almond oil
  3. Beautiful essential oils that are sustainably sourced and produced to the highest standard. Go here to buy from me and join my Global Eco-conscious Collective tribe for extra bonuses. 

Once  you have everything, add the essential oils from the recipes below to a 10 mL roller ball glass bottle. 

Place roller ball and lid on the glass bottle and invert several times to blend. Allow 3 days for perfume to synergise and use anytime you want to feel like a goddess!

Here are my top five aromatherapy...

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